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Planetary Classification and Palmistry

Astrology and palmistry have always belonged together. If the practice of the mudras stimulates your interest in palmistry, you can find a large selection of literature on the topic. The mudras can actually strengthen the hands and the individual fingers, even changing character traits in the process. In the little finger, we find creativity, a sense of beauty, and inner clarity; in the ring finger, there is sense of family, the ability to love, and a feeling of security; initiative, sobriety, and the love of order are found in the middle finger; intellectual faculty, individuality, and striving for power are in the index finger; the will, instinctiveness, and vitality in general are found in the thumb.
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As you can see, you have "a great deal in your hands" with the mudras. You can take hold of your life with your own two hands and decide what is important to you.