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Shunya mudra

Heaven Mudra

Bend the middle finger until it touches the ball of your thumb. Lightly press down on the middle finger with your thumb. The other fingers are extended. Do this with each hand.

Do as needed, or use three times daily for 15 minutes as a course of treatment.

It reduces the space element and relieves ear pain.

This is a special exercise against ear and hearing problems. The Shunya Mudra can also quickly heal earaches (and almost all diseases of the ear) when used for a longer period of time, according to Keshav Dev.

Hearing problems are related to a person who is no longer able to hear or who even doesn't want to hear. This can be a blessing or a catastrophe. Poor hearing can protect us from unpleasant things or even from disagreeable sounds or information that find their way into us. On the other hand, we can also no longer hear beautiful things. Not wanting to hear is sometimes based on a particular kind of stubbornness that can lead to disaster.

Consequently, if we are willing to scrutinize the reason for our hearing problems, this can lead us one step further toward a richer life.

The middle finger is associated with the sky (ether). This is the gateway to the higher dimensions-the gateway to Heaven. The ancient myths say, if we want to get to Heaven, we first need to be thoroughly purified.

This is why it may be appropriate to "look within" and make amends for old offenses. I know that it can sometimes be very difficult to forgive another person; but I also know that forgiveness truly opens up new gateways-gateways that lead into the light and into a lightness of the life ahead of us. It is as if we have thrown off our old burdens and then continued happily on our path.

Herbal remedy

A geranium leaf can be placed on a painful ear to soothe it.


Consciously listen to gentle, flowing, and relaxing music. Let thoughts and inner images arise-immediately let go of anything unpleasant- continue imagining pleasant thoughts in keeping with your mood.


I recognize the goodness of the universe in the heavenly sound.