Dynamic mudra

Dynamic mudra

As the name already implies, during this mudra the fingers are not held still, but are moved.
During each exhalation, place one of your fingertips on the tip of your thumb; while inhaling, extend the fingers again. Speak a syllable mantra while doing this (see example below). Do this with each hand. (You can start on the exhale as you can only inhale when you have exhaled.)

During "saaa," press together the thumb and index finger; During "taaa," use middle finger and thumb; During "naaa," use ring finger and thumb; During "maaa," use little finger and thumb.

When you do it the second time, press your fingernail instead of your fingertip with your thumb.

During the third time, press your whole finger with the thumb. At the same time, press your fingertip into the palm of the hand.

This mudra can be practiced every day for 5 to 30 minutes.

This is a wonderful mudra for promoting brain activity and relaxing the nerves. It promotes concentration and creates inner relaxation. Please be sure that you breathe slowly, that you inhale and exhale evenly and in a relaxed way.