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Back mudra

Right hand: The thumb, middle finger, and little finger are touching; the index finger and ring finger are extended.
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Left hand: Place your thumb joint on the nail of the index finger.

Do four times a day for 4 minutes or, against acute complaints, until it has an effect.

This mudra is primarily effective when someone with a weak back has engaged in an activity (for example: garden work or cleaning) that has strained the back too much and caused painful tensions, or when someone has sat too long in the wrong position. Backaches can have a great variety of causes. Most people have waste deposits and signs of wear, but these don't necessarily have to be painful. A diseased organ whose nerves run through the spinal column can also cause pain. Continuous mental strain, fears, meals that are too heavy, too little sleep, and/or too little exercise are other causes of pain.
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This mudra can be even more effective in a position that relieves the back. When doing so, keep the chin pulled in a bit so that the neck is stretched. This little bit of tension has an effect down to the small of the back. After just 20 minutes in this position, the intervertebral disks are optimally nourished once again and the metabolism operates in full swing again. Perhaps you can even do this exercise during your lunch break at the office. Then you can get through the entire day without pain. What you think while you do this is also very important, which is why the image and the affirmation are particularly significant in this position.

Herbal remedy

A massage with St. John's wort oil, olive oil, or almond oil has a warming and relaxing effect when you suffer from a backache.


In your mind, you are at a place that does you good-where you feel well. You are alone, or with people who give you strength and make you happy. Or you are involved in doing something or engaging in a sport that you are enthused about. Or you can simply observe your breathing and pay attention so your thoughts don't drift away.


My backbone is strong, my back is wide, and I am protected and supported both inside and outside.