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Kartani mudra

Resting position

Lie in a supine position; place your hands next to your body or on your abdomen, with the right hand on top of the left.

Now inhale deeply and arch the abdominal wall. As soon as the abdomen is full, slide your hands to your ribs and expand this region. When your ribs are spread as much as possible, slide your hands to the collarbone and raise the area above the chest.

Slowly exhale and repeat the process a number of times.

With each exhalation, let yourself become heavier and heavier. Release your weight to the supporting floor. While inhaling, let yourself be filled with lightness and light; while exhaling, let go of everything heavy and dark within you. At the close, you are full of light, freedom, peace, and joy.


Improves and deepens breathing, regenerates the autonomic nervous system (organ activity), and relaxes the entire body.