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Twist in the seated meditation posture

Place left hand on right knee, and stretch your right arm to the back.

✓ Inhale and turn to the right while doing so.

Press your right shoulder as far as possible to the back and look over your shoulder.

Remain in the twist for 15 breaths.

Exhale and return to the middle while doing so.

Raise your arms upward, stretch vigorously, and twist to the other side. The upward twist at the conclusion is very important.

Change your leg position, twist to both sides again, then stretch upward through the middle a number of times.


In the form of a spiral, my path leads to the divine goal where joy and peace rule.


This massages the ganglia and organs; it strengthens the nervous system, liver, spleen, pancreas, and gallbladder; it stimulates the metabolism in the vertebra; and it stretches and squeezes the ligaments and muscles along the spinal column.