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Kundalini mudra

Form a loose fist with both hands. Now extend your left index finger and stick it into the right fist from below. Place the pad of your right thumb on the left fingertip. Hold the mudra as low as possible in front of your abdomen.

Use as needed or until the desired effect occurs. Or do it three times a day for 15 minutes.

The form of the Kundalini Mudra makes its purpose clear: This is associated with sexual force that is to be awakened or activated. It is the unification of masculine and feminine, the opposites in the polarity. Above all, this mudra symbolizes the unification of the individual soul with cosmic soul. The four encircling fingers of the right hand symbolize the outer, perceptible world; the left index finger is our mind and soul, while the thumb represents the Divine.

Sexuality plays a significant role in Tantric Yoga as a spiritual practice. It is important to understand that our sexual organs have a major effect on moods, which is why it's important that these organs be healthy. We should also realize that the desire for sex will change during the course of life. If a person feels no sexual desire, but feels good otherwise, then this is fine and normal. When the desire is there, it should be indulged, either with a partner or alone. This is very important because the secretion that is released in this act has a cleansing function. Bacteria, fungi, etc. that have settled in the vagina are then dissolved and washed out. Many people become ill because they don't yield to their body's natural needs or because they stress themselves by trying to force their bodies to feel desire.

Herbal remedy

Lady's mantle (Alchemilla xantochlora) helps as a preventive measure against women's disorders; wild agrimony (Potentilla anserina L.) helps against cramplike menstrual complaints.


Just as our sexuality brings us joy and awakens our spirits, as well, the sight of blossoming nature-for pollination can also be seen as a sexual act-imparts new vitality and enthusiasm. Hiking through blossoming meadows, past bubbling streams and fragrant hedges, and through mountain pastures is a nourishing delight for all the senses. Totally luxuriate in these inner pictures. Perhaps we will take the time to enjoy walks in the outside world as well.


I love beauty, and beauty loves me.