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Apan vayu mudra

Also called the Life saver: first aid for heart attacks

Bend your index finger and let its tip touch the ball of your thumb. At the same time, the tips of the middle and ring fingers touch the tip of your thumb. Extend your little finger. Do this with each hand.
Use as needed until you feel the effect, or practice three times a day for 15 minutes as a course of treatment.

This finger position can have a first-aid function when you use it at the first sign of a heart attack, according to Keshav Dev. It regulates many heart complications. In an emergency, it can even have a quicker effect than placing nitroglycerin (the most frequently used immediate remedy) under the tongue.

Heart attacks, as well as chronic heart complaints, don't just come out of the blue. Instead, they are an indication that a person's lifestyle must be rethought and planned differently.

This mudra can also be used for the general healing and strengthening of the heart.

Heart patients are often so tied up with obligations that they no longer perceive what appears to be "senseless" from the outside. They do not have no time to relax. They also have a hard time coping with stillness.

Something always has to be going on, and they often give so much support to something or someone at work or during their leisure time there is no room for their own needs. Yet, it is precisely these quiet moments that are the ones to nourish our souls. Permit yourself some time for the rosebud image-even if you barely have any to spare. Perhaps you can listen to some music-music that brings you a feeling of lightness-while
you do so.

Herbal remedy

Vitamin E in wheatgerm, magnesium, and lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.) also promotes relaxation in the heart.


Imagine a red rosebud in your heart. Whenever you exhale, a petal opens, until the entire flower is completely open. The petals now form a rosette, and the rosette gets a bit larger with every breath until the flower is oversized as it rests upon your chest. You can even feel its weight. Just as your chest rhythmically rises and falls while you breathe, the flower moves as well. Perhaps you can even imagine the fragrance of the rose.


I have the time and the leisure to see beauty and enjoy the silence.