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Naga mudra

Naga, the snake goddess, shrewdness, symbolizes supernatural strength, wisdom
and potency

Cross your hands in front of your chest, and also cross your thumbs over each other. This gesture is sometimes called "the mudra of deeper insight." Even when we take the spiritual path, we will encounter worldly challenges time and time again. Only by working through these challenges do we progress on the path; and only so can we fulfill the purpose of our lives. This is why the Naga Mudra can be successfully used to solve everyday problems.

Answers can also be expected to questions about decisions that must be made, the meaning of a specific matter, the future, and the spiritual path. When we need to know something, then we will also know it at the right time. But we must question and listen.

Blazing fire is a powerful element. It warms, moves, and activates us. This is why visualizations of fire always set something in motion, develop strength, and pleasantly relieve tensions. When we mentally kindle the fire in our pelvic floor, this will not only give us strength, but also light. We can carry this light with us like a torch, and it will show us the way.


With your powers of imagination, kindle a fire in your pelvic floor. While inhaling, let the flames flicker high upward so you encounter the world with a fiery heart. Let the flames continue to rise higher so you have a bright, clear head. Your breaths are deep and powerful at the beginning; with time, they become slow, fine, and flowing. Each inhalation causes you to sit straighter, both inwardly and outwardly, as if you were being pulled upward. While exhaling, hold onto your new size but let go of every inner tension. Stay in the stillness for a while. First ask your questions, and then listen inside yourself.


All my senses are focused on the Divine, and I thankfully accept its wise advice and its deeds.