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Prithivi mudra

Earth Mudra

Place the tips of the thumb and ring finger on top of each other, using light pressure. Extend the other fingers. Do this with each hand.

Do as needed, or use three times a day for 15 minutes.

If you have sore muscles and you feel tired, this gesture can solve the problem. It increases the earth element and decreases the fire element.

The Prithivi Mudra can eliminate an energy deficit in the root chakra. Whether or not you feel psychologically or physically strong and vital is largely dependent upon this energy. This finger position also intensifies the sense of smell and is good for the nails, skin, hair, and bones. If you feel uncertain of your steps while walking, the Prithivi Mudra can restore your equilibrium and trust. This mudra also activates the root chakra, in which our elemental force resides. We can compare this chakra to the grafting knot of a rose. The potential for the appearance and nature of the plant is found here; the roots sprout into the ground from this point to give the plant stability and absorb the nutrients. The stem and leaves grow upward from this point to connect with the light, to blossom and bear fruit. Without reservation, this image can be applied to human beings as well. We also need stability and nourishment to grow and be effective in our place in the world. The purpose of our lives is to connect with the Divine, which means we must also orient ourselves toward the light and open up like a flower that is being pollinated. For us, this may mean experiencing grace. So this mudra can give us everything that we need for a meaningful life. I use it when I feel insecure and need inner stability and self-assurance. Moreover, it stimulates the body temperature, the liver, and the stomach.


Stand or sit on a chair. Keep your feet parallel and their soles flat on the ground. Inhalation: Imagine that you are absorbing Earth energy through the soles of your feet. Guide it up through your legs, back, and throat into your head and far beyond into the cosmos. Hold your breath for a few seconds. Exhalation: Like a golden rain, the energy sinks back to Earth as the renewing force. There is a balance between taking and giving. Now imagine a catch basin in your pelvic floor and let the energy rain flow into your pelvis. Repeat this a number of times.


The power of Earth gives me secure stability, staying power and assertiveness, self-assurance, and self-confidence. The power of the cosmos gives me enthusiasm, pleasure, and joy.