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Tse mudra

Exercise of the three secrets

Place both hands on your thighs. Put the thumb tip onto the root of your little finger. Slowly encircle your thumbs with the other four fingers while slowly inhaling through your nose. Hold your breath and form the sound of OM seven times in your head while hearing the vibration of the tone in your right ear. Then slowly exhale while drawing in the abdominal wall; open your hands again and imagine all your worries, fears, and unhappiness leaving your body.

Repeat this exercise seven to forty-nine times, but at least seven times-according to the Taoist monks.

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Kim Tawm, an authority on Chinese medicine, writes: "Tradition says that this mudra chases away sadness, reduces fearfulness, turns away misfortune and bad luck, and overcomes depressions. It is known to increase personal magnetism and enhance the intuitive and mental powers."

People who are depressed are frequently given the following advice by the friendly people around them: you should take a walk in the fresh air, do gymnastics, do yoga exercises, etc. However, depressed people often lack the strength to do these things. But since we must always breathe wherever we are, even in the deepest depression, we can at least intensify our breathing and practice the Tse Mudra. Then stretch vigorously.

Herbal remedy

A further wonder remedy against depression is just plain water. Drink a great deal of water and shower frequently. St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) and borage (Borago officinalis) are the herbs used to treat depression.


In your mind, see yourself sitting close to the sea. Your feet are gently bathed by the waves. Deeply inhale the refreshing ocean air, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then slowly exhale. Now feel a light rain and how the warm water washes away all your sadness and cares. Then turn your face to the sun and allow the light and warmth to stream in through the pores of your skin. Let yourself be comforted and given new confidence and joy.


I am filled with light, lightness, and divine joy.