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Bhumisparsha mudra

Gesture of enlightenment, or gesture of calling witnesses

Point the left hand down to the earth and let your fingers touch the ground. Let the right hand point upward to Heaven, like an open flower.

Buddha, like Jesus, was tempted by evil before he began proclaiming his teachings, but both were successful in resisting it. Mara, god of sensual desires, attempted to talk Buddha into believing that he was not even entitled to the tiny bit of earth where he sat in meditation. Then Buddha touched the ground with the fingers of his right hand and swore he would bear witness that he was indeed quite entitled to remain on Earth because of his many good deeds. This legend shows how important it is for people to first fulfill their earthly obligations if they want to achieve enlightenment.

If we are aware that cosmic consciousness in all its forms manifests itself in everything and everyone around us, that we are connected with everything through our individual consciousness, then the first commandment of all great religions becomes clear to us. Love yourself and love the world around you-you and the world around you are one-we are all part of the greater whole-what is on the inside is on the outside-the whole is greater than the sum of its parts-the greatest lives within the smallest. We will never be able to completely fathom the entire dimensions of this power, and this is also good.


Simply look at an object or being (stone, plant, animal, etc.). While inhaling, absorb its energy; while exhaling, give it your energy. Each breath is like a band, and the connection becomes denser and denser until you merge with it. You can connect with cosmic consciousness in this way, and it will show you the path to eternal unity.


Connected with cosmic consciousness, I fee I myself guided, protected, supported, and upheld on my path in life.