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Vajrapradama mudra

Gesture of unshakable trust

Cross the fingers of both hands in front of your chest. Solid fundamental trust is the basis for healthy self-confidence. We experience times when we think we can deal with whatever comes our way; and there are times when we doubt ourselves, we feel insecure and think ourselves not capable of handling anything that happens. When we take a closer look at things, we notice how important inner strength is for our self-confidence. When we are weakened, no matter on what level (physical, mental, emotional), then insecurity sneaks in. We can build up our inner strength with specific mudras, physical exercises, and breathing exercises.

Furthermore, I have noticed that I begin to doubt and brood or feel insecure when I lose my connection with cosmic consciousness. Isn't it wonderful to know that we are just one single thought away from it and can overcome this distance at any time? Cosmic consciousness, or the Divine, is always there-but where are we? This perception has changed my entire life.

To always be reminded of this fact, you can place an object-something like a talisman-in your pocket, or on your desk/workstation.


At the beginning of the meditation, formulate your question or request in precise and clear terms, either out loud or quietly. Then give thanks for the directions that are given to you. For the rest of the meditation, simply be still and direct your attention to your breathing.


I am a creation of the greatest omnipotence, whose strength and power lovingly support me at all times.