Maha bandha

Maha bandha

The so-called bandhas (lock exercises) are also associated with the mudras in classical yoga.

Assume the seated meditation posture. Now exhale well. At the same time, press your hands onto your thighs and tighten the musculature around the perineum (PC) by tensing the bladder and the sphincter muscles at the same time, as if you wanted to hold back feces and urine (Mula Bandha). In ordinary exercise this is call the Kegel exercise.

Then pull in the abdominal wall (Uddiyana Bandha).

And press the chin onto the larynx (Jalandhara Bandha).

After a few seconds, release every tension, raise the chin, and inhale deeply.

Repeat a number of times.


The Maha Bandha can be used for a weak bladder, hemorrhoids, constipation, descended organs, weak digestion, flat breathing, or neck tension; it has a preventive effect on these symptoms or diseases. The brain energy is also activated by the contractions of the bandha. I usually practice the Maha Bandha before meditation, which helps me go into a deeper state more quickly. It may lead to a light trance, which can sometimes be quite pleasant.