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Shiva linga

Energy-charging Mudra

Place your right hand, with thumb extended upward, on top of your left hand, which is shaped like a bowl. Hold the fingers of your left hand close together. Position your hands at the level of the abdomen, with your elbows pointing outward and slightly forward.

Do as often as you like, or two times a day for 4 minutes. The right hand in this mudra symbolizes the masculine force- Shiva's phallus. Shiva embodies the destructive and transformative aspect of the highest deity in Indian mythology. Just as the phallus is the symbol of a new beginning, Shiva is the deity who makes this new beginning possible in the first place by destroying something, thereby creating the necessary preconditions. If, for example, flowers wouldn't wilt, there would also be no fruit. Or, if the spent cells within us were not destroyed, there would be proliferations. It is an eternal cycle and must function perfectly within us on the physical and mental-emotional levels. An inner force keeps it going, and each of us has this force within our reservoir, which is associated with the water element. The breath nourishes this reservoir of energy. This is why the optimal quality of the breath is so important. The water element has its effect on the outer edge of the hand and the palm, and the thumb is like an inflow for energy, which is absorbed through the lungs.

This mudra can be used against tiredness, dissatisfaction, listlessness, and depression. Or we can use it when we feel drained because of long periods of tension or strain. You can do it while you are waiting, such as while waiting for the doctor's findings. This mudra helps the healing process, no matter where we are sick. In terms of healing, this mudra is responsible for many more wonders than people know. Keep this fact in the back of your mind when you need healing.


Imagine that your left hand is a mortar and your right hand is a pestle. During the first breaths, mentally let whatever makes you sick fall like dark pebbles into your left hand. With the edge of your right hand, grind everything into the finest dust, which you then blow away from your hand like fine sand. Afterward, remain seated for a while and let healing energy flow into the bowl formed by your hand (your energy reservoir) through the right thumb. Fervently speak the following affirmation several times.


Healing light illuminates every cell of my body, dissolves everything that should be dissolved, and builds up what must be built up again.
Thank you!