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Rudra mudra

Ruler of the solar plexus chakra

Place the tips of your thumb index finger, and ring finger together. Extend the other two fingers in a relaxed way. Do this with each hand.

Use as needed, or three to six times a day, for 5 minutes. Imagine that you are sitting at the center of a wheel, close to the hub. The wheel can turn as much as it wants, but this has no effect on you. However, when you leave the center and sit on one of the spokes or at the edge, you must use all of your strength to avoid losing your stability. This applies to all situations in life. When we are not centered, meaning when we are "beside" ourselves, this creates all types of tense states. One individual may have tension in the stomach, another person has tension in the neck, back, pelvis, or chest.

According to the Five Element Theory, the centering force is associated with the earth element (see Appendix C), which rules the energy of the stomach, spleen, and pancreas. The Rudra Mudra strengthens the earth element and its organs. If the chi (the Chinese term for elemental energy) suffers a distinct decrease because of weakened earth energy, there will also be a diminished supply to the head area as a result. Consequently, the person feels listless, heavy, weighed down, or even dizzy. Such a state of weakness can be relieved or even completely eliminated with this mudra.

The Rudra Mudra can also be used by people who have experienced heart complaints, dizziness, the descent of interior organs, or general states of exhaustion.

Herbal remedy

Angelica (Angelica officinalis Hoffm.) strengthens the autonomic nervous system and wormwood (Artemisia absinthium L.) is the stomach remedy from the herb garden.


The following image will center your mind by concentrating it on a point, which then increases the power of centering and strengthens body, mind, and soul.

In your mind, see a white canvas in front of you. With a charcoal pencil, draw a wagon wheel on it-the outer rim, the inner rim, and the spokes that connect the inner rim with the outer. The hub is shaped like a square. See a yellow point at the very center of it. While inhaling, let the yellow point come toward you and become increasingly large and shiny. While exhaling, let it become smaller again and return to the hub. Always keep your mind focused completely on the center.


I rest at my center and draw strength and joy from my center.