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Vajra mudra

Gesture of the fiery thunderbolt

Press your thumb onto the side of the middle fingernail, the ring finger on the other side of your middle fingernail, and the little finger at the side of your ring fingernail. Extend your index finger. Do this with each hand. Do as needed, or three times a day for 5 minutes. In addition, relief can be obtained by massaging the root of the nose, the center of the forehead, the back of the head, and the nape of the neck with the middle finger.
Circulation may be weakened when blood pressure is too low, or there is a weakness in the earth element, which is associated with the energy of the stomach, spleen, and pancreas, or a weak heart. A lack of drive, listlessness, and dizziness are the consequences.

With the Vajra Mudra, you can stimulate circulation. The back bends and side bends of yoga also activate these respective energies. Walking at a brisk pace, listening to lively or exciting music (such as Beethoven's Hammerklavier Piano Sonata and the 1st, 2nd, 5th, or 7th Symphony; George Gerschwin's Piano Concert in F Major; jazz or rock 'n' roll, march music, techno, etc.) can also give you new drive. In addition, pouring very warm or cold water onto your wrists can also help. Caution: A lack of drive can come from extreme physical or mental-emotional fatigue: rest and recuperation are then necessary. Do not use any type of stimulant in this case!

Herbal remedy

Nature's major stimulants are arnica (Arnica montana) and rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis).


Imagine a fiery glowing ball in your pelvis. With every inhalation the fireball climbs up your spinal column, to your heart, through the throat, and up into your skull. The ball heats your body and your vitality it warms your heart and illuminates your mind.


I enjoy this present day with joy in my heart.