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Maha sacral mudra

Large pelvis mudra

Place your ring finger pads together, with your little fingers on the thumbs. Hold this hand position for 10 breaths.

Now place the pads of your little fingers together and place your ring fingers on your thumbs. Also hold this variation for 10 breaths. Do as needed, or three times a day for 7 minutes.

This wonderful mudra helps handle complaints in the lower abdomen; it is particularly good against pain during menstruation. It can also bring relief for inactive intestines, intestinal spasms, or bladder and prostate complaints, since it has a relaxing and energy-balancing effect.

While holding this mudra, you can additionally practice the Maha Bandha ten to thirty times. Repeat several times each day-This exercise can naturally also be practiced while sitting on the toilet.

The secret afflictions of many people are bladder weakness, hemorrhoids, and atony or tension in the area of the bladder and anus. These problems can be relieved by training the PC muscle. As an additional measure against weakness of the bladder and anal sphincter, Viparita Karani can be used.

Herbal remedy

Chewing pumpkin seeds and drinking pear (Pyrus communis) or bearberry leaf (Arctostaphylos uvaursi) tea are also good for the bladder.


Problems with elimination are often also accompanied by mental and emotional difficulties about letting go in general, or with fear of having to go through something. You can build up positive patterns in this respect with the following image.

Doesn't the world always look a bit friendlier on the other side of a long tunnel? We frequently have to pass through tunnels in life-we have to go through something. The image of a tunnel that we walk through can help us keep going, carry on, and be hopeful. Every tunnel ultimately takes us to the light, but we need the courage and strength to go through it to the end.


No matter how dark my path may be at times, it leads to light.