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Ksepana mudra

The gesture of pouring out and letting go

Place your index fingers flat against each other. Clasp the rest of your fingers and let the finger pads rest on the back of your hands. Cross your thumbs and place each in the hollow of the other thumb. There is a small hollow space between your hands. When seated, point the index fingers to the ground. When lying down, point them in the direction of your feet. Completely relax both hands.
Hold this mudra for just 7 to 15 breaths and concentrate on your exhalation. Sigh deeply 3 times while you do this. Then, place your hands on your thighs with palms turned upward.

The Ksepana Mudra stimulates elimination through the large intestine, skin (perspiration), and lungs (improves exhalation), as well as removing expended energies. It should not be held for too long, because fresh energy is also caused to flow out after several breaths. In addition, it promotes the release of all types of tension.

When we find ourselves in the midst of many people, we also absorb much of their negative energy-particularly if our own energy level is too low. This mudra encourages expended or negative energy to flow away, followed by the absorption of fresh and positive energy.

Herbal remedy

Done on occasion, a sweat cure also has a cleansing effect especially if the flu is threatening to break out. After a warm bath, go to bed and drink 2 to 3 cups of linden-flower infusion or elder tea.


Visualize the following picture. You sit on an elevated stone in a stream, or next to it, and hold this mudra. While you exhale, so much sweat pours from every pore that a rivulet flows out of you into the stream. In conclusion, wash yourself in the cooling water of the stream. Then place your hands on your thighs. Turn to the warming sun and let it dry you. Open yourself once again for the fresh energy that fills you anew when you inhale.


Spent energy in my body, mind, and soul flows away from me, and I thankfully accept all things that refresh me.