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Varada mudra

Gesture of granting wishes or mercy

Point the left hand downward and turn the palm to the front. Place the right hand on your lap or thigh.

This mudra is a preferred gesture in the depiction of Hindu gods. As the name indicates, this is a matter of forgiveness and mercy. Moreover, the believers hope that God will bless them richly-fulfill their wishes. This is aptly expressed. Someone who gives will be forgiven, someone who forgives will be richly blessed. Forgiveness always also means being able to forgive yourself. To forgive yourself and others is certainly the most difficult thing one can ask of a person. But it is truly the most wonderful thing when we succeed at it. The forgiving open hand is then filled with new riches, both inner and outer. I speak from experience here and can warmly recommend the "art of forgiveness" to you. Perhaps it may be difficult for you at first; if so, ask the divine force that lives within you for help.

It is also important to know that the intensive work of forgiveness should not be done throughout the entire year-that would wear us down too much. But it fits wonderfully into a spring or autumn detoxification program.

The saying, "Let's bury it," gets to the main issue of forgiveness, and nature demonstrates how and why every autumn. If the seeds are not put under the soil, then no new plants would grow. If we cannot bury our past, this may burden us so much that we become ill; it will also obstruct our inner development.

Imagine that you have an object in front of you that belongs to the person who is involved with your need for forgiveness. With each exhalation, blow your negative feelings onto and into this object. In conclusion, put the object in a package and bury it in a place that has a special meaning for you. You can imagine this or you can do it as a ritual and actually bury the negativity in the ground.


Perhaps you may later frequently visit this place in your mind and send the respective person good thoughts. Since no healthy and happy human being will want to hurt another, the people who have tormented us are in particular need of our prayers. You don't have to be a saint to do this-but you will become "healed and whole" if you practice it now and then.


I forgive my self for all the wrong things that I have done and/or said.
I forgive you for all the wrong things that you have ever done and/or said.