We all know the healing effect of music, as a number of books have been published on the subject. But music is also good" for healthy people who are occasionally plagued by weakness or physical imbalances. Since the music used for therapy plays anywhere from three to twelve minutes, and this amount of time corresponds to how long one holds a mudra, it is obvious that mudras and music can have a wonderful influence on each other. Tension—either physical or mental-emotional— can be relieved by listening to the right kind of music. The right kind of music has a calming and relaxing effect, possibly even taking a person into a state of deep relaxation. Stress and tension can also lead to an acute or a chronic state of exhaustion that can be positively influenced by music.

If you pay attention to the following points, you can get a lot from using music with your mudras:

Consider your own taste in music;

Determine how long the playing time should be;

Listen to the same piece at the same time for at least three days in row;

Listen consciously, and immediately let go of any thoughts that may arise.