Akashi mudra

Akashi mudra

The consciousness of inner space-tongue on the gums

Assume the seated meditation posture.

Place the thumbs of both hands on the pad of your middle finger of the respective hand.

Raise your chin a bit and direct your eyes upward to the center of the forehead.

Roll your tongue backward and place the tip on the gums.

Observe the four phases of breathing (inhalation, extended pause, exhalation, extended pause).


This is another mudra that I have encountered in Western mental techniques. It quickly brings us into a light trance, activates the brain activity, calms the emotions, and creates an inner balance. The tongue position has a positive influence on the limbic system, which is responsible for our feelings and moods. It also supports the integration of both brain hemispheres. In relation to the meridian system, the tongue on the gums activates important meridians. As a result, these experience an energy lock and charge themselves more intensely. It is worthwhile to practice this mudra a few minutes a day for a number of weeks.