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Varuna mudra

Varuna is the god of water

Bend the little finger of your right hand until the tip touches the ball of your right thumb; place the thumb of your right hand on it. Press the little finger and thumb slightly with your left thumb. At the same time, your left hand encircles the right hand lightly from below.

Do as needed, or practice three times a day for 45 minutes.

This gesture reduces the pain in the joints, cramps and arthritis. It is believed to increase the water element.

Keshav Dev says that the Varuna Mudra should always be done when too much mucus or secretion collects in the stomach or lungs. Congestion can settle in the frontal sinuses, lungs, and the entire digestive tract from the stomach to the large intestine. Most allergic reactions are ultimately mucous congestion triggered by specific irritating substances. When we catch a cold, we are usually in a rut in other ways as well.

In addition to practicing the Varuna Mudra, it is always important to make a new life plan. Including other people in it is usually good! Perhaps you should rethink your tasks and obligations and reassign some of them to you partner, your child, and/or your parents. People who suffer from mucous congestion are often too conscious of responsibility and think that everything depends on them or that they must do everything alone.

Herbal remedy

A natural remedy against mucous congestion is horseradish, which you can also eat as salad.


The inner image of flowing, lukewarm water that washes away all obligations can be very liberating. Letting everything that burdens you go "down the drain" can give you a wonderful feeling. Imagine that you are standing under a small waterfall. Let everything that sticks to you, both inside and outside, be washed away by the water. Watch how the brown water flows away from you and enjoy your new cleanness-inner freedom and lightness. Now think about your tasks for a while. At what point can you change something? Where can you reduce your workload? Where can you seek help?


I always have "possibilities" - letting go of something, searching for a solution, and changing things.