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Bhudi mudra

Fluid Mudra

Place the tip of your thumb and little finger together; extend the other fingers in a relaxed way. Do this with each hand.

Do as needed, or practice three times a day for 15 minutes as a course of treatment. More than half our body weight consists of fluids. The Bhudi Mudra helps restore or maintain equilibrium in the fluid balance. It can be used against a dry mouth, eyes that are too dry and burning, or disorders in the kidney and bladder area. It also improves the sense of taste.

Herbal remedy

Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi L.) heals inflammation of the bladder, and goldenrod (Solidasgo virgaurea L.) is effective against pyelitis.


Imagine a clear little mountain stream cheerfully splashing as it flows. Dip your feet or hands into it and let it caress you. Draw the water in the hollow of your hand; drink the precious cool liquid; let it refresh you. While you do this, repeat three times:


The great spirit that lives in the water purifies, refreshes, and strengthens my body, mind, and soul.