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Mahasirs mudra

Large head mudra

The tips of your thumb, index finger, and middle finger touch each other. Place your ring finger into the fold of the thumb and keep your little finger extended. Do this with each hand.

Do as needed, or three times every day for 6 minutes. Headaches have a great variety of causes and can hardly be made to disappear once and for all with one single mudra. Frequently, weather influences or tension in the eyes, neck, back, or pelvis are at fault; or there are problems with the sinuses or digestion. All of this can result in too much energy being focused on the head, and this leads to tension that causes pain in the head. In order to release this tension, it is important to direct consciousness into other body parts (abdomen, feet, or hands). The Mahasirs Mudra balances energy, has a tension-relieving effect, and eliminates mucous congestion in the frontal sinuses.

If you have the time to lie down, try out these additional measures against headaches. Dip a washcloth in water that has some vinegar added to it, lie down, and place the washcloth on your feet. The soles, the backs of the feet, and the toes should be packed well. Now massage up and down your neck by vigorously pressing your index and middle fingers into the middle of the nape of your neck, then massage both frontal eminences (bumps on both sides of the forehead), and finally form the Mahasirs Mudra with your fingers.

Herbal remedy

You can drink a tea made from willow bark (Salix alba), meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria), or feverfew (Chrysanthemum parthenium). In order to prevent a migraine, you can do an enema.


While exhaling, imagine that waves of energy are flowing down from your head through your neck, back, arms, and legs, and leaving through your hands and feet. After a while, imagine that your head is clear, cool, clean, and light. In conclusion, stroke your face with spread fingers and enjoy the feeling for a while.


I have a free, light, clear, and cool head.