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Pushparuta mudra

A handful of flowers

Place your hands like empty bowls on your thighs. Let your fingers rest next to each other in a relaxed way, with the thumbs against the outer edge of the index finger. The focus here is openness and acceptance. What wealth does life (or the universe) have waiting for us? How often do we pass it by without paying any attention? How often are we outwardly or inwardly closed to a new opportunity?
How often do we ignore the gentle hints from the universe until we need the blows of fate to get back on the right track? We can be spared all this if we remain open. One reason why we close ourselves-in addition to apathy-is fear. But whatever is bad cannot get to us and affect us if we strive for a pure heart. This is a law of the cosmos. We can only attract what also has an equivalent within us. This is why mental-emotional hygiene is so important. We can hardly avoid the negative feelings that occasionally arise within us, but we can also come to terms with them and transform them at any time. This is part of the maturation process.

The Pushpaputa Mudra expresses this openness.

Only with open hands can we enrich the world, and only with an open mind and open soul can we receive what cosmic consciousness gives us.


Your two hands are like open flowers. Imagine another flower on top of your head. While inhaling, golden rays come from a cosmos that embodies love, warmth, joy, and peace. Through the open flowers, they flow into your innermost self. Then let yourself be filled (take a pause in your breathing for a moment) and radiate this wealth through your heart into the world while exhaling.


I open myself to divine joy (or healing power, light, love, etc.), let myself be filled by it. I radiate it into the world through my heart.