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Ioint mudra

Right hand: Thumb and ring finger together.

Left hand: Thumb and middle finger together.

Do as needed, or four times a day for 15 minutes. In case of illness, the mudra should be held six times a day for 30 minutes.

This mudra balances energy in your joints. I have had very good experience with it when my knees were sore after a hike, especially walking down mountains, or when I have worked too long at the computer and have an unpleasant feeling in my elbows.

There are many dynamic yoga exercises you can use to help against joint pain. These can be found in my Basic Yoga for Everybody (a book and card set published by Weiser in 1999). All of the older relatives in my family are afflicted to some extent by severe arthrosis. Twenty years ago, I also suffered from pain in the knee and hip joints. Today, thanks to yoga, I have no more symptoms. All types or compresses are also helpful-just don't let anyone talk you into believing that the situation is chronic and you now have to suffer from such pain for the rest of your life. Do something to counteract it! The healing may take months, but if you are persistent you can have success with it.
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A wonderful exercise for all the joints is the Little Bear (see illustration). It is important to do the circles very loosely and slowly. Slow down the flow of your breath when you do the movements.

Lie on your back, draw your chin in slightly, and hug your knees. Then move the legs and arms into a vertical position.

Shake both hands and feet to relax them.

Circle your foot and hand joints.

Draw wide circles with your arms and legs, as if you wanted to draw a big infinity sign on the ceiling.

Bend and stretch your legs and arms.

Herbal remedy

The herb for joints, whether human or animal, has always been comfrey (Symphytum qfficinale L.).


Visualize images where you completely enjoy your flexibility; you easily and freely move your legs and arms, feet and hands, head and neck. You see yourself as a dancer, athlete, or performer and feel how your energy flows and your mood improves.


I enjoy my flexibility. It uplifts my soul and stimulates my mind.