How to create your own mudra

How to create your own mudra

Once you have studied this book and become thoroughly acquainted with the energies of your hands, you can also create your own mudra.

When you develop a mudra, the proper frame of mind and respect are important preconditions for success.

Study the qualities of the individual fingers and choose the respective posture.

In positive wording, formulate the result or goal that you want to achieve through the mudra. Use the present tense.

Speak the sentence at least three times out loud, and slowly in the rhythm of your breath.

Visualize precisely how the result or goal will look.

Try to already feel how it is when the result occurs.

Place the mudra under the protection of the divine forces, a saint, or an angel whom you revere in particular.

Wish for the result with great fervor, but remain completely patient and serene.