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Shakti mudra

In honor of Shakti, the goddess of life energy

Place your ring fingers and little fingers together. The other fingers are loosely bent over your thumbs which are placed in your palm. Focus on your breathing in the pelvic area, and slow down exhalation somewhat.

Do as needed, or three times a day for 12 minutes. The Shakti Mudra intensifies the respiratory impulse in the lower chest area. You can increasingly perceive breathing in the pelvic area. It has a calming effect and will help you fall asleep at night. If it is done too often or held for too long, it may also lead to lethargy. It can bring pleasant relaxation to the pelvic area. As a result, it can counteract spasms in the intestines, or even menstrual complaints.

I am frequently asked for advice about difficulties in falling asleep. One of the following tips always works:

Practice this mudra in a slightly different form before trying to sleep. If you sleep on your sides, you can take a corner of the pillow between your hands, place the little fingers and ring fingers together, and let the others lay on or beneath the pillow.

Bend one hand back and slowly turn it to the left and to the right six times; then do the other hand; then one foot, and then the other.

Moisten the outer and inner sides of your legs with a wet cloth; go to bed without drying them.

Herbal remedy

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis L.) and hops (Hamulus lupulus L.) also have a calming effect.


Color combinations in green and soft, flowing forms always have a calming effect. Visualize green pictures (a landscape, leaves, a silk scarf, etc.) and let your exhalation become increasingly slower and deeper while you do so.


Silence, harmony, and peace fill my entire being.