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Dharmachakra mudra

Gesture of turning the wheel

Raise both hands in front of your chest with your right hand somewhat higher than the left. Join the thumbs and index fingers of each hand. The palm of your left hand faces your heart, and the back of your right hand faces your body. The left middle finger touches the place where the thumb and index finger of the right hand form a closed circle.

Before you continue to read, pause for a moment and try the Dharmachakra Mudra. While forming it, breathe very deeply, slowly, and finely; focus on how the three fingertips are touching each other. How do you feel? It is possible for you to notice a change in your mood or not?

The hands form two wheels. In Hindu mythology, the wheel embodies completion or the wheel of life that guides us through a diversity of experiences. But there are two wheels here, and this indicates the teaching of reincarnation. The left middle finger (Saturn) represents the transition from this world into the next-from death and birth.

This mudra also draws attention to the fact of eternal change. A guiding principle that applies to both the good times and the bad times says: This too shall pass. If we remember this, we are already a little bit closer to inner serenity, even-mindedness, and harmony.


Visualize a figure of light, your higher self, and ask it to wisely guide you through the ups and downs of life. You can ask it anything. Then remain in silence for a while afterward and listen-perhaps the figure of light also has something to say to you.


With a grateful heart, I entrust my being to my higher self, who knows what is best for me.