Shanti mudra

Shanti mudra

The mudra of peace

Assume the seated meditation posture. Close your eyes and place your hands in your lap.

Exhale completely. Concentrate on your root chakra and do the Maha Bandha.

Hold your breath for several seconds.

While inhaling, release the Maha Bandha. When the lungs are filled with air and the body arches slightly, place your hands on your stomach (solar plexus chakra), the sternum (heart chakra), and forehead (forehead chakra).

Now spread your arms widely and concentrate on your crown chakra.

Repeat a number of times.


Deepens the breathing. A feeling of peace may arise. This mudra also kindles the vital energy in the root chakra, distributes it throughout the entire body, and therefore helps us achieve inner strength, personal magnetism, and health, says Swami Satyananda Saraswati. You can associate an additional, very lovely spiritual aspect with this mudra when you imagine the power that rises from your root chakra to be the energy of peace. It fills your body, your soul, and your mind. By spreading your arms, you send vital energy out into the world-it becomes a gesture of blessing.